3 Ways to Spice up a Basic Outfit for a Wedding!

3 Ways to Spice up a Basic Outfit for a Wedding!


Hi Lovely ladies! We all know that summber is around the corner which means so is weeding season!! Are you all ready for those humid, hot weddings? Well, even if you aren't they are here, and the AB ladies want you to feel confident in what you choose to grab out of your closet. 

Not wanting to buy a new outfit everytime you have an event is okay! As long as you learn how to style that same dress differenntly everytime. This will help to ensure that you will get all those compliments you are looking for! Here are 3 different ways you could dress up this plan black bodycon dress!


Every plan dress/jumpsuit can add a detailed cardigan! They will always add some extra spice to an outfit. When you throw on something simple it's like giving you a plan canvas to work with. This way you can try on multiple different cardigans until you find the one you like. Once you find that cardigan you'll want to style the rest of the outfit around the main colors in the cardigan! This is because you don't want the colors to clash, if they clash you could look like a hot mess. Refer to the color wheel when doing this, if you don't want to use the exact colors in the cardigan you can always use the main colors friend that always looks good with it! See how this model has a blue dress on? She then found a cardian that had cool tones so it would all combind nicely together! 


If you are the kind of lady that likes a good old plan black or white dress, you can ALWAYS dress up an outfit with some colorful heals. They will always make you look put together and have that pop of color. When you add that pop of color you will want to conintuly use it for the rest of the outfit, so for the makeup and jewerly. Those threee things put together can make a huge difference in the party world!

This is the same picture and model as earlier I just wanted to show you how she used a pop of color shoes with her plan black body con. This makes the look go from casual to classy and formal within a few seconds. 


Jewlery is your best friend for sure! You will always need jewlery to spice up an outfit! Whether it's rings, earings, braclets, or necklaces. They all play a part in making the outfit look more formal! Our personal favorite here at Ana Blair's is to add some earings and necklaces. The earings can add depth to your neck line and face, making you look slimer in the face. Where as a necklace is a good accessory to show off your colorbone or chest area. Making you feel a little more sexy depending the length of your necklace! Here are just a few examples of what you would throw on with the black bodycon dress above. 


Don't forget about those purses!! This is the easiest way possible to dress an outfit up! This way you also aren't forgeting anything important around the wedding vene!


Enjoy your wedding season AB ladies, always remember to wear a smile with the outfits you pick out! IF you ever have questions about how something looks don't ever feel like you can't reach out to us! If you connect us through facebook we tend respond very quickly. Making sure you're all put together for whatever events you have that day! 

Have a good rest of your day, keep that smile on so you get those compliments from your confidence that you show off!

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