4 Styles That Are Making A Comeback


When you walk into a clothing store what do you see? Well I see jeans, tops, dresses, accessories. However once you start taking a walk around you might see some styles that you wore when you were younger. Not every style of clothing that you see in stores is going to be new. They may be older than you can imagine. Here are 4 styles that are never going to die!


The first comeback item was an accessory, I remember walking into a clothing store and seeing these. The first thing I said is why would someone want to wear that? Well my mom was with me, so it was kinda offensive to her she wasn't happy with me then. She then started telling me that high schoolers would wear them with their hair up in a high pony and crimped... Still, I wasn't sure how I felt about them. 

I now realize that scrunchies can make a huge impact on your outfit, because they add a bit of flare to your style. What I mean by this, is if you had a whole black outfit on with a bright pink scrunchie it would stick out. However, add some bright pink nails to the outfit and it will look even better! 

Everything works together if you know how to style them together!


Well you heard it here first, biker shorts are back in style! They were popular in the 80's and 90's, took a break and made it back into women's closest around 2022. I personally am not a huge fan of biker shorts, however I do know a lot of people who are. This is because they are the same material as leggings and spandex, many people will wear them around the house, gym or even to the store. 

It's all personal preference on this one, not everyone likes how they make them feel. Biker shorts however can be useful in many ways as well. They can be used as the name themself... Biking around town, long trips, etc.. They can also be used in the gym, you know when your shorts won't stay down because you're running? Well biker shorts are the solution to that problem, they are long enough to stay down when running and are light weight! That’s a win - win in my book!

How do you feel about biker shorts? Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions on what they want to wear!


This style is an eye catcher for sure! You can dress it down, dress it up, you can pretty much wear it however YOU would feel confident! That's why we love to have puff sleeve tops in at all times! They are perfect for all seasons. You can find them super thick, or you can find them with mesh on the sides! Either way it will always look amazing on you! 

Many women don't even like to try these balloon sleeve shirts on, because they are worried it's going to make them look like they have larger arms than they already do. However I can tell you that's not the case what-so-ever! Everyone will look different in balloon sleeves however NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE will EVER look "bigger than they already are." I quote that because I hear a lot of women say "oh that won't look good, my arms or belly is too big." NO that is not true at all, everyone is made differently that's how styles come about, everyone needs to find their style that fits them best!


Now let's just take a minute to look at that FLARE at the bottom of those ribbed stretchy mauve color pants! Those are what a flare is really about! If you ever took a trip down to the south you would see women wearing flares everyday all day. That's because it's always been in style in the south, where as in Wisconsin where most of use live it's not something you see on the daily.

Ana Blairs started carrying flares last summer I believe, they sold out in 3 days! Everyone who tried them on bought them, because they love how they look on themself! Which is always our goal is to make you feel confident. We then started getting more shipments of flare jeans in and everyone loved those even more, mainly because they are like a basic pair of jeans. No rips, come in 2 basic colors, and go with everything. Everyone needs those kind of jeans in their life. Flare jeans can be worn casual, like if you're going shopping, or they can worn going out to a party with some friends. Either way they ALWAYS look amazing. 

Now that you have learned about those 4 styles that are making a comeback, maybe it's time for you to get your confidence showing! We want to see those smiles when you're walking around in those new pair of flare jeans that you decided to try out. Stop by in-store or online at Ana Blair's Boutique to shop some of these amazing styles.