5 Reasons to Shop Small for the Holidays

5 Reasons to Shop Small for the Holidays


5 Reasons to Shop Small During the Holidays ( and All Year Long)
Now more than ever, it is extremely important to pay attention to where we are spending our money. Small businesses are working day in & day out to keep their community going and their doors open while most big box stores have much more security in knowing they will be staying open another day. With the holiday season coming up, we strongly encourage knowing where your money is going. Checking out your local stores before heading to the internet to shop or even a big box store can score you not only a unique gift for a loved one, but it will also help preserve your community. Need more convincing to shop small? Here are a few more:


1. Local businesses create local jobs.

While big franchises come & go into communities, local businesses stick around creating jobs for people of all ages & backgrounds year after year.


2. Help your neighbors & friends succeed.

Shopping local means the business owner could be your neighbor, the parent of your child's best friend, or the person behind you in line at the grocery store. There is something special about associating a business to another human. You are able to go into the business and chat about life and truly connect creating a safe atmosphere for everyone.


3. Help preserve your community & give back to it.

When you shop small & local, your money is staying in your community.  That money is paying the business' taxes to the city & the county. This money goes directly back into the community supporting public schools, roads, parks, & so much more.


4. You will know who you are buying from.

There is a sense of relief knowing where your money is going. Knowing that you aren't just sending your money off into the great unknown but instead sending it to a human who has worked hard at creating & choosing the products you purchase from them.


5. Great customer service!

When you shop with a small business, you will be dealing with humans. Small business owners know just how important it is to keep their customers happy which is why you will work with them directly to ensure any issues are resolved properly creating a more personal experience. 




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