Springing into May Drink Specials

Springing into May Drink Specials


Hello Gorgeous, We are finally getting some spring wheather here in Merrill, Wisonsin. The Ana Blair's Family is so excited to have some nice warm wheather! We have some amazing new shorts, and bottoms in store! However, this blog will be talking about our new May coffee speicials, they are to die for!! Ana blair's is a local clothing store, however we also have a full expresso bar, teas, and monthly speicals!

Tropical Berrry Bitz Organic Smoothie 

The AB family wanted to give you guys a new organic smoothie choice to choose from! If you didin't know we have 2 other kinds of organic smoothies, made with real fruit, and packed with protein. They are amazing! The best time to have one of these organic smoothies would be as a meal replacement, or right after working out. Our other two flavors are Green extreme and Ginger Berry Blast, don't be scared off by the names, they are AMAZING!.... and healthy too;) Now let's start going through the ingredients and step by step process on how to make the new trpocial berry smothie!


we start by grabing a 20 oz cup, adding a 1/2 cup of a frozen fruit mixture (pinapple, coconut, mango, strawberry) along with a few ice cubes. Along with that adding a 1/2 cup of water! No dairy involved, making this an amazing choice for lactose intolerant people!


In set two we get to adding the good stuff, which would be protein, stevia, and honey. Standard Process Vanilla Protein Powder is the protein added into our smoothies.

The SP Powder helps aid some of the following: 

  • Provides amino acids
  • Supports intestinal, muscular, and immune system health
  • Provides ingredients with antioxidant activity
  • Supports healthy liver function

The Stevia added is SweetLeaf Sweet Drops vanilla creme. It adds a little bit of a sweeter taste to our smoothies, we add about 1 droper full! No need to worry though it does not contain sugar!


Lastly we add a bit of honey to give it a little more flavor, since we want you to task more than the vanilla and fruit... and BOOM you get a healthy/sweet treat as a meal replacement it's perfect!



On to our next drink, this one is probably our favorite!! It incudes a new topping Sweet Cream Cold Foam, we have never used this before in our coffee bar, however it's amazing! The drink includes toasted marshmallow, salted caramel syrups along with dark chocolate sauce. We add the syrups into a hot or cold cup, then add in however many shots of expresso you would like! it could be the normal 2, or it could be 1 or mabe you want 4! I mean we know we all have those types of days..


We then will let the hot expresso mix with our flavoring and add in ice with a chocolate drizzle on the sides! At this point you will pick a milk option, those being: 2%, skim, almond, coconut, oat, or half and half.


Lastly adding in our SC cold foam that has been mixing on the blender, it's just foamy enough to sit on top of the latte. Add on some more chocolate drizzle and marshmallows and you have an amazing s'more latte.

Just an FYI that you do NOT need a campfire to enjoy this amazing drink! However... it would be nice to have some warther when it's cold!


If you are fan of peanut butter this is your drink! It's blended with or without cold brew, that's up to you! along with the choice of having it become a fit frappe or just a normal frappe. What's the difference you may ask.. 

A fit frappe has a powder that is filled with protein good for a meal replacement or after the gym workout. Whereas the normal frappe is a vanilla powder that is used in our smoothies to make them thicker. The fit frappe comes in just chocolate, where normal frappe comes in vanilla or choclate your choice! 

If you decdied to add milk to your frappe you would get a choose that, otherwise it's made with cold brew, peanut butter and vanilla syurps. Blending that all together with ice and adding a bit of a drizzle of the sizes of the cup. Lastly topping it off with whip cream if diseared and chocolate drizzle!



Since we are getting so close to that warm wheater we brought back our ice teas last month! This tea special is AMAZING, it tastes so good! 

our first step to making this amazing tea is going to be adding cherry and amaretto syrups at the bottom of the cup. 


this step includes adding the ice, then the green tea follows, filling about 3/4 of the cup full with green tea. Giving the syrups and green tea a little mix together. however, you will want to be able to see the color difference to make that pretty sunset! 


lastly slowly add in lemonade at the top to give it a three color sunset feel! This drink feels like you are on the beach, so refreshing and pretty!


Those are our monthly drink speicals, We will be posting the first week of every month our drink specials! This way you lovely ladies can get a feel for what you want to try when stopping in next! Who doesn't love to have a coffee in one hand and new clothes in the other!! 

Don't forget to check back every Wednesday at 11am for a new blog upload!! We strive to make you smile well reading this, making you have a wonderful day! Now don't forget to get outside and show that confidence... Maybe even with a May special in your hand ;)




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