Spring Fashion Tips 2022

Spring Fashion Tips 2022

Hello ladies! All of us here at the boutique are so happy it is finally spring (well kind of)! It’s not the weather that we are most excited for, it is all of the new styles we get to introduce to you. Although it may not be the most warm out, I am here to show you how to dress in the latest spring trends that are Wisconsin weather suited!

Starting off strong we have an oldie but a goodie! These striped overalls have made a comeback and in perfect timing for the season change. You can make these weather permitting by wearing a sweater of your choice underneath, or even a comfy crew neck for those chilly days. As the weather warms up they also pair perfectly with a graphic tee, or a cute crop top. You can either dress them up with a cute pair of heeled booties or keep it casual with a simple sneaker, the options with these are endless!! Can’t you just picture yourself wearing these going on a cute picnic? I know I can!!!!

Don't even get me started on blazers, especially cute, affordable and the most perfect shade of peach! Blazers are an important asset to your closet all year round. The bright colored ones are the perfect staple piece to any spring wardrobe. Say you have a business casual meeting, throw on this adorable peach blazer over a white tank or tee with some light wash jeans and you are both casual and stylish. You can also dress this up with a pair of ericcasuals found in store to be the eye catcher at the office! I mean who doesn’t love getting compliments on their outfits?!

These embroidered jeans paired with the amazing tote is hands down the perfect combination. This outfit paired with one of our graphic tees and one of our new pairs of sandals will keep you comfortable, casual, and feeling good… everyone feels good when they look good! This pair will also pair perfectly with a swimsuit top for a day at the beach or on the boat. You can never go wrong with a simple pair of jeans, swimsuit, kimono and the cutest bag ever created.

Having an off day and you don’t feel like pairing a cute outfit? Wake up late and have no time to look presentable anddddd have a cute outfit put together? Don't worry I have those days a lot more than you would think. A lot of women that shop in the store often get turned away by dresses and say they are more for events rather than casual wear. I am here to tell you that they are not! Dresses do not have to only be worn for special occasions, they can be worn all the time, especially if you know how to accessorize! On the days you are feeling off or running behind, a dress is the best and quickest way to spice up your day. Just throw it on, slap some jewelry on along with a cute jean jacket or blazer and you are on your way! You will look amazing and no one will ever know that you were running!

Now that I have spilled all my outfit planning secrets, you ladies have all you need to know on how to spice up your spring wardrobe. Whether it's a casual meeting, a fancy dinner, a picnic in the park, or even a beach day, we got you covered here at Ana Blairs! P.s. everything mentioned above (along with so many other cute items) is located right on our website:))

Check back in next wednesday at 11am for more tips and tricks on how to stay up to date on the trends with your ladies at ABs!

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