Bag Holders Bag

Bag Holders Bag

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Quantities Limited!  We’ve been looking for a way to greatly reward our loyal customers so we came up with The Exclusive Bag Holders bag. It’s is not only cute, eco friendly and practical but most importantly it gives you access to future discounts, deals and freebies. 

Purchasing this bag is like an all access pass to all things up and coming for the next several months. We don’t want to spill the beans but bag holders may receive discounts before all other customers. Bag holders will also see discounts on items that we almost NEVER discount. Think holiday shopping! These perks will apply at least once month August 2022-January 2023. If you love Ana Blair’s being an exclusive bag holder will surely pay for itself! Each event will be listed with detailed Bag Holder Perks! 

Bags arrive in 4 weeks (8/16).
Discounts may apply prior to receiving your bag.

Rules because there’s always that one person😜:  

1. Purchases are firmly exclusive to each bag holder (household). Please be kind and do not bend this rule as we’d like to be able to continuing offering discounts to our loyal loves💕. 

2. Only items that fit into the bag are eligible during each Bag Holders event. Meaning if you get a 20% off day only items that fit in the bag that day will be discounted. Don’t worry they are sizable.  

3. Bag Holder specials will be honored in store and online, this will just take some fancy footwork on our end but together we will figure it out!