Bringin' Back the Stocks

Bringin' Back the Stocks

The item we all love is back, in store only however! This is done so you guys get the full costumer service that you know and love!! In this weeks blog we wanted to give you ladies the run down of what styles we have, along with what they are if you have never had a pair! After this reading you will want to head on over to the store and pick out a pair for the summer (or maybe even 2)



When we were first introduced to Brikenstocks in the store we were thrilled! The build of the shoe is amazing, helping with your arch support along with ankle support. Brikenstocks were started in the 1774 in Germany, they started by making the flexible footbed insoles which made the company take off! 

This is where we start talking about the build of a pair of brikenstocks, I don't like history much so I don't want to bore you with all the details, we all get that they are amazing!! They build is the main part, helping with our arch and ankle support.  

When you are looking to buy brikenstocks they come in two kinds of foot beds, soft and hard. The shape and size of a soft footbed is the same as the hardbed however it is really good for people with extremely low arch whose arch hasn't fallen yet. Here is a picutre showing all of the amazing features that these shoes offer. In my opinion I enjoy a hard footbed better than a soft, they both feel amazing after a few wears!


Finding the right size of shoe can be difficult for any style and brand of shoes, however brikenstocks tend to confuse many costumers when they are trying to find the right ones. The sizing is mainly based off of what type of style you are deciding to go with. Everyone is different which means you are going to have to try shoes on to find the correct one!! 

That's why we keep them in store only so you are able to have use help you find the correct pair. However they are also European sizing since they are made and from germany. So I will attach a sizing chart for you to look at after this section so you know what size you would be close to!! Some of us ladies at AB's are all different sizes depending the style all the way from a 41 (10) to a 39 (8)! 

There is also something called narrow and regular. If you see the little feet on the bottom of the size chart it shoes you that the filled in one is a narrow foot, you will know if you have a narrow foot. This is based on how skinny or wide your foot is. I personally have a wider foot so I would go with the regular footbed. 

Lastly this is super important... It is a cork footbed so it will be harder at first, so it will hurt to break in unlike other shoes. Nevertheless it will start to mold to your foot and will start feeling AMAZING after that and you will want to wear them everyday all day. So do not feel like you wasted money on a pair of shoes they are so so WORTH IT!! 

(worth every penny... if you are an old timer and watched the tuesday night lives!!) 


There is multiple different styles located on the offical Birkenstock website, we will only be showing you the styles that we have instore... This way if you see a pair you like we can have a member of our team set them to the side and wait for you to come in and try them out!!

Above each picture will be the style name, color, and material of strips!! 

Eva - Black (Arizona Essentials)       


 Eva - White (Arizona Essentials)


Franca - Blue (Oiled Leather)


Sydney - Graceful Taupe (Birko-Flor)


Sibyl - Black (Leather) 


Mary - Wine (Leather) 


Arizona - Tobacco Brown (Oiled Leather) 


Arizona - Stone (Birkibuc) 


Barbados - White (Eva) 


Barbados - Black (Eva) 


Salina - Black (Birko-Flor) 


Mayari - Graceful Pearl White (Birch-Flor) 


Mayari - Habana (Oiled Leather) 


Florida - Mocha (Birkibuc)


 I hope you ladies have a good rest of your Wednesday, don't forget to stop in and check these beautiful babies out in person, they are forsure worth the trip!! Once you get that first pair your hooked I promise, just remember breaking them in is KEY to having the perfect form fitted shoe. Keep them slimes on and wear the clothing/shoes you buy with confidence and you will get those compliments ;) 


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