Jumping Into June with New Coffee Specials

Jumping Into June with New Coffee Specials

First up is a fan favorite for any summer month… the iced pomegranate green tea! Our organic citrus green tea is made by Harney & Sons and steeped right here in the store. We chill the green tea and pour it over ice when serving. What makes it extra delicious is the pomegranate syrup. This drink is truly refreshing and never a bad pick!

Here is another one for all of our tea lovers, the classic iced vanilla chai! Chai is always a good option when you're not in the mood for coffee but still want a boost of caffeine. We mix our chai 50/50 with any milk of your choice along with a few pumps of vanilla to add the finishing touch. To spice things up, you can even add in espresso to make it a dirty chai. Doesn't that sound yummy?

Now that we have our tea lovers covered, here is something for the caramel lovers! The caramel lovers frappe is the perfect treat for someone who loves fresh brew and caramel of course! We blend our delicious Door County Black & Tan fresh brew with our vanilla sweetening powder along with all the caramel you could dream of. We coat the dup with caramel drizzle and top the frappe with whip cream (optional) and then even more caramel! This cold drink will definitely cure your sweet tooth!

Saving our personal favorite for last, the vanilla lavender shaken espresso! We shake our Door County ground espresso in a glass with ice until it gets the perfect foamy consistency. We then put ice and brown sugar in another glass and pour the freshly shaken espresso on top. And to finish it off, we add any milk of your choice mixed with vanilla and lavender syrups. Not only does this drink look beautiful, it tastes even better! If you haven't tried it already, definitely stop down and order one!

All of our coffee specials are deeply thought out and customized to fit each customer's wants and needs. We love getting feedback on how we can improve and we most definitely love taking in requests for the month following! Have a fabulous week and we hope to see you down at the store!

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