Poppin' 4th of July Outfits

Who else loves the Fourth of July?! I know we all do at Ana Blair's, it's not only our owners favorite holiday it also is a celebration for one of our very own personal stylest who always there to help you!! We are going to get you 3 amazing outfits you can rock for next Monday or even this weekend if you have fun plans! 



This beautiful outfit screams patriotic which you know by now that we love!! So we wanted you guys to have an outfit to love just as much!! These adorable shorts are available in a dark blue and black as well, if you are feeling like you want to spice it up with a different shirt!! We have lots of simple but cute shirts in store to help spice up your outfits... To go along with each new outfit you buy you NEED a new pair of shoes as well of course ;) 

All of us staff here at Ana Blair's love to help you ladies shop for the perfect fit for your outfit/foot!! 


Now if your feeling a little sexy and wanting to dance the night away we have just the outfit for you! This charming two piece set is fire red and says it all with a simple slit down the side. Our staff LOVES this outfit and want's everyone to feel confident well wearing it around during your night out! This outfit would pair perfectly with a blue kimono with some white stars on it (also avaible in store) along with a pair of sandals if you want to feel a little bit of comfort for the night. OR you could do a small little wedge heel to go with it!! 


Our last outfit is our dainty long skirt with a little but of the slit at the side. The smocked wasitline makes this outfit 10 times better making it perfect to tuck a basic tee into. OR you could spice it up with with a sexy top and make it ready to go for a night out! Either way we know that any women could rock this in their own unique way which is what we love!! Every single one of you women look amazing in every outfit you put on, so if you see something you love from this blog but don't enoy the pairing we came up with... there is always the option to mix and match those clothing pieces and make them your own!!


We wanted to introduce to you ladies the 4th of July Drink Speicals for the next 2 weeks!! These will be available until July 9th this way you get a chance to try each and every one of these amazing specials (or maybe even have them 2 or 3 times! we don't judge)

1) Berries & Cream Americano 

--> raspberry, strawberry or blueberry syrup (or choice of one) with your shots of espresso, water, and a splash of half and half!!

2) Red, White & True Latte

--> raspberry and peach syrup with your shots of espresso, and choice of milk!!

3) Raspberry Tea Sparkler 

--> raspberry syrup woth raspberry tea, and club soda!!

4)  Blueberry Cream Soda 

--> blueberry and vanilla syrup, club soda and a splash of half and half!!