Rolling into Fall

Believe us when we say we're the last people to want Summer to end! It's such a great time filled with long days and fun memories. Don't get us wrong, we know there's still plenty of sunshine to endure; however, we have to be ready for fall so that you are ready for fall!

The trends are always so refreshing. The Rust, Mustard, and Olive tones are genuinely to die for; with that, we will embrace the change. In retail, we gear up for our busiest season. We hope you consider shopping small this year, even more so than in previous shopping. Just as our weather is changing, so is the season of life. We hear more and more often of local storefronts closing. It breaks our hearts as we know the continuous efforts it takes to keep small communities on the map.

As we roll into a shopping season, let's think of those little local establishments we all love. Please visit them, write them a fantastic review and tell a friend about your experience. These are all the things that help keep the little guys afloat and are so much appreciated!

We hope you finish out Summer with a lot of good laughs & tan lines.